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Shanghai Cheng En Logistics Department is a transportation and warehousing enterprise with legal management qualification, which has been examined by Shanghai Land Administration Department and approved by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce.


The company has a number of employees and managers who have been engaged in distribution and transportation services for many years, and has permanent offices in some cities. (At the same time, it can be added according to customers'requirements) Specializing in the logistics distribution of shopping malls and supermarkets in domestic cities, warehousing logistics of factories and third party logistics of enterprises.


The company has more than 100 employees, more than 40 self-owned Van vehicles and more than 60 attached vehicles, with a total tonnage of more than 2600 tons. The existing warehouses are 46000 square meters in Shanghai headquarters, 650 square meters in Chengdu, 2300 square meters in Beijing, 1000 square meters in Shenyang and 800 square meters in Qingdao. At the same time, they have cooperation experience with many logistics companies and can deliver goods to all parts of the country in a timely and safe manner.



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